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Get peace of mind with 24/7 service and support, continuous infrastructure upgrades, and proactive business security. We provide nothing short of the most reliable, fast, flexible, managed, and monitored hosting services available.

Our hosting is done from multiple datacenters strategically spread across the United States to keep your web, DNS, and mail services running! Whether your site needs PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance or the ability to expand and grow, Accuraty has the experience and solutions you need. We can provide complete solutions for even your most complex content, data, and application requirements. You can grow with us. Start with a single high performance Virtual Server and grow into your own Private Cloud full of websites and online tools.

Different is better

Accuraty Solutions brings decades of Internet experience to its hosting solutions. Reliable hosting is the reason for our outstanding reputation. Unlike other local companies that keep all their eggs in one basket—meaning your website, DNS, email, and other Internet services all run from the same location or even the same, single computer—Accuraty has configured a distributed environment across the Internet.

Your domain is maintained and served from no less than 3 states including Illinois, Virginia, and Colorado. Email failover is built-in to every account we setup; primary and secondary mail server pairs are always in separate states. Whereas other companies are susceptible to power outages, accidental line cuts or tornadoes, Accuraty's distributed services will survive any Internet outage and keep your services up.


Hosting Services

Hosted Exchange - AHX

Needs advanced email services? We have full Microsoft Hosted Exchange "in the cloud" services available that gives you complete control over email, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and the complete MS Exchange feature set and security that so many companies and organizations rely on.

Google Workspaces - AGS

Workspace (formerly G Suite) is Google's complete line of tools; business email (Outlook compatible), video conferencing, and cloud storage (formerly Google for Work, Google Apps for Work, Google Apps for Business, and a few others). We have the full, intelligent suite of apps from Google Cloud. The available services give you complete control over email (Gmail), contacts, calendar, hangouts, G+, docs, sheets, forms, slides, sites, and more tools to come in the future. Starting at just $6/month per user, and professionally managed by Accuraty.

Email Services

Create e-mail accounts using the domain of your choosing or add more e-mail boxes to your existing account. Maintain lists, groups, aliases and trust Accuraty to defend you against spam and keep your email reaching its destination. Professional managed SmarterMail hosting is included free with all website hosting packages!

E-commerce and Advanced Catalogs

Doing business online shouldn't be complicated, so Accuraty offers tools that make launching your online store easy. Need to sell just a few items, collect for monthly services or accept donations? We've got you covered.

Website and Content Management

Accuraty offers a variety of tools to help you create and edit your website. These tools can get you managing and updating your own pages after only a few minutes.

Domain Registration, Renewal, and Management

Create a unique identity on the Web with your own domain name. Register a domain today and make your site and e-mail memorable. Accuraty can secure and manage extensive domain property catalogs no matter how complex your needs become. Ask us about domain expiration synchronization.

Marketing Services and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Looking to generate more traffic? From search engine optimization to linking opportunities, we're here for you. Out professional Directory Listing expansion service guaranteed to quickly elevate your search engine ranking!

Tools, Components, Modules, Scripting and Site Add-ons

More space, additional bandwidth—it's all here, along with other great tools that can help you grow and improve your site.

Website, App, Database, and Email Hosting Options

Basic Hosting

Whether your current website is at it's humble beginnings, design-statement tell-all brochure, a dynamic databased content management or e-commerce system, we have plans to suit your needs.

Dnn Hosting

Do you currently or plan to soon employ a Dnn Web CMS? Accuraty is proud to be a Silver Certified Dnn Partner and has passed the Dnn Corp certification test for hosting! We host dozens of Dnn sites and provide full support, upgrades, maintenance, and much more. #DNNCMS

WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla Hosting

Are you looking for a place to host your PHP based website? We offer full support and maintenance and we have plans to suit your needs.

ColdFusion Hosting

Accuraty proudly hosts and manages ColdFusion websites. Our systems support CF 2016 and CF 11 and we can help you get versions 8, 9 and 10 upgraded!

Managed Hosting

For customers who prefer to have their web host provider maintain and monitor their dedicated servers, operating system and all supported applications. Companies or individuals who do not have the required system administration resources on-staff, commonly choose this option to augment their dedicated hosting service.

3rd party hosting support

Accuraty offers unique, managed hosting support. If you are already hosted with another company - perhaps you got started on GoDaddy and want to stay there? - and would like a professional to manage your hosting, please give us a call. We understand the details and can provide assistance.

Managed virtual hosting

If you want the power and performance of a dedicated Windows server to support higher-traffic websites, ecommerce or large databases, but at a much lower cost than a managed server solution, Accuraty's Managed Virtual Hosting is the answer.

Managed web servers

Our Managed Web Servers provide business class hosting with a dedicated, fully managed solution on your own server to guarantee uptime, increase your internal efficiencies and expand your web presence using the Accuraty's platform.

Custom Hosting Solutions and Service Level Agreements

No two hosting situations are the same. We have extensive experience in setting up hosting that matches our clients needs. We are very proud of the fact that many of our solutions cost far less than our clients anticipate.

The design simplifies our diverse activities and makes it look sleek, simple, and professional while maintaining our spirit of youthfulness.