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Website Design & Development

That first impression is crucial to your business. Accuraty knows that many people make up their minds about the organization behind a website in as little as 1/20th of a second.

We design modern, beautiful websites that will keep your visitors engaged. Whether you want visitors to buy your products and services, find and read your content, or browse and enjoy your creations, Accuraty will work with you to create and manage a online presence that will accomplish your goals. 

Website and app development

Accuraty lives at the crossroads of creativity and technology. We have the proven expertise to handle your custom website design, logo design, and all aspects of your digital branding and identity.

Accuraty can help you create a professional web presence customized to your business needs. Whether you are a new business looking to get established or a mature, successful company looking to reboot your online presence, we can get you there. Accuraty's web framework and project process is simple and effective.

Our proven process incorporates search-engine rankings, brand management, accessibility, and an attractive, professional website that will remain easy to maintain. We can offer content management software (CMS) that's easy to use and affordable—meaning you can maintain the content on your own website quickly and easily, keeping your website fresh. We can meet all state & federal regulations for web accessibility, and we can help you reach the search engine rankings you've been seeking for so long.

We work with Web 2.0, mobile, touch, and emerging devices that are at the heart of your online presence and Internet exposure. Whether you need your organization online the same day or have grand plans that span years, we will be your best choice for a digital agency and technology partner. We pride ourselves on being equal parts creative and technical, and for seeing the big picture.

What goes into a website?

  • design
  • theme development
  • content management
  • custom code
  • Googling
  • pizza
  • coffee
  • tea

Our websites are:


Our websites are coded so that each element of your content is clearly understood for both browser and developer. A semantic approach to web markup saves time, makes your content more readable by search engines, and makes your content easier to repurpose in the future.

Cross Browser Friendly

Our websites are tested in all the latest (and not so latest) browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and more. You can be assured that your website looks great, no matter where it is being viewed.

SEO Optimized

Simply by coding things correctly, SEO is built-in to each of our websites. Many of our clients report better SEO results shortly after launch.

Each website we build is backed by ongoing customer support. Whether you need assistance with content management, email, or a more serious issue, Accuraty will be there to assist you, often within 24 hours.

Simple to update

We build our website on a powerful and robust content management system that makes most web maintenance a snap. In addition, Accuraty will provide training so that you can keep your website maintenance in house.

Nice to look at

Sure, our websites look nice, but there's more to it than that. Our designers and developers focus on user-experience and interface design to make your website beautiful and functional.

Switching to you for our service has been a great move for us!