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Accuraty Solutions' experienced app building experts can set you up with a thumb-friendly mobile app to help you reach more of your audience in more places. Whether you need simple informational apps or databased tools and services for your users, Accuraty can make your ideas a reality and manage your project across the years.

Mobile application development... we know that exceptional app experiences bring a lot of important elements together. We work closely and interactively with you so that your project maintains the right message and works for the user in a way that is obvious and discoverable. Industry standards and technologies matter and our design approach focuses on usability, accessibility impact, and achieving your results.

"Tell me about structured data and modern mobile apps."

Structured data refers to data that is organized in a specific format, making it easy to search, analyze, and process by computers. In the context of modern mobile apps, structured data can be used to enhance the functionality and user experience of the app.

One common way to implement structured data in mobile apps is through the use of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). APIs allow mobile apps to access and retrieve data from external sources, such as social media platforms, weather services, or e-commerce websites. By using structured data through APIs, mobile apps can provide users with real-time information and personalized experiences.

For example, a weather app can use structured data from a weather service API to provide users with current weather conditions, forecasts, and alerts for their location. A restaurant review app can use structured data from a restaurant review API to display ratings, reviews, and menus for local restaurants.

Structured data can also be used within the app itself to improve searchability and usability. For example, a to-do list app can use structured data to categorize and prioritize tasks, making it easier for users to manage their tasks and track their progress.

In summary, structured data can play a crucial role in the development of modern mobile apps. By using structured data through APIs and within the app itself, mobile apps can provide users with personalized experiences, real-time information, and improved functionality.

Jeremy says ...

“The cost of apps has come way down and its a joy to demonstrate how dynamic they can be. Our apps integrate with our websites so they can be updated in real-time.

Information like locations and events only gets added or edited in one place and the website and apps are immediately up to date!”

Benefits of Modern Mobile Apps

App Development Consultation

Mobile apps come with a wealth of standards and user-expectations. We help organizations align their needs and ideas with a quality mobile experience that is easy to update as well as manage over long periods of time. 

Improved UI/UX Design

Our team has experience in a wide variety of frameworks and libraries used to build apps. We can take care of the technologoes while helping you deliver an app that will please and endear your user base.

Faster Updates

Our apps are build with change in mind. Content is not "baked-in" and you can easily provide a changing, dynamic experience to your users with an easy to use CMS-based backend that will allow you management, control, updating, and analytics.

Locations and More

Mapped information is just one example we can help you master. Whether your data is products, services, artwork. parts, supplies, people, exhibits, or anything else worth managing and sharing, we will build you a system to manage it, integrate it, and show things off beautifully anywhere you data needs to be shared.

... easily the best web development company I have dealt with.